The Mid-Autumn Festival is full of beautiful people. Hangzhou Yiding Transmission wishes you a happy family!

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There are four slender clouds in the sky without rivers, and the breeze blows the sky and moon Shubo. Another Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, send our best wishes to all over the world, Hangzhou Yiding Transmission is celebrating the festival, and wish all employees and partners a happy Mid-Autumn Festival, family reunion and health!

Haoyue Mid-Autumn Festival, paper is short and love is long. Hangzhou Yiding Transmission turns emotions into words and conveys beauty with words. I am grateful to the partners who have provided selfless help on the company's way forward. I am grateful to all my colleagues who work hard and continue to expand to new heights. With your dedication and help, we can create a more splendid tomorrow for Hangzhou Yiding Transmission!

Whether it is you who are reunited with your family or you who are sticking to your post, please look at the bright moon on the Mid-Autumn Festival, because it is the gathering of the thoughts of your loved ones and the most sincere blessings! May you go through the dark and sunny days, and the stars and the moon are still shining together!

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