Government leaders sent summer gifts to console and show appreciation to the employees

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发布日期:2023-07-26 00:00:00  

Since July, the temperature in Hangzhou has been steadily rising. Despite the scorching heat, the employees of Hangzhou Yiding Transmission have fearlessly held their positions, demonstrating dedication through their actions and shouldering responsibilities with unwavering commitment. They embrace the challenge of enduring the "roasting" weather with perseverance and professionalism.

On July 25th, Xie Zuocheng, President of the Private Association of Xiaoshan District, Kongo Branch, led a team to visit Hangzhou Yiding Transmission for a high-temperature comfort visit and enterprise investigation. They brought cooling relief and encouragement to the hardworking frontline employees of Yiding, who are bravely facing the extreme heat. Furthermore, the team conducted in-depth research on the production work of Hangzhou Yiding Transmission, aiming to understand the latest developments of this private enterprise.

President Xie expressed that the economic and social development of Xiaoshan District relies heavily on the labor force of private enterprises, especially the dedication and selflessness of frontline workers. Considering the current high temperatures, the company should genuinely care for and protect its employees working on the frontline. Practical measures should be implemented to prevent heatstroke and cool the workplace, enhance labor protection, ensure safety in production, and strive to create better working conditions for the frontline workers.

During the visit, President Xie and his team also toured the product exhibition area of Hangzhou Yiding Transmission, gaining in-depth insights into the product range and manufacturing processes. They ventured into the production site to examine the equipment, assembly processes, and quality inspection procedures.

The company's leadership provided President Xie with an overview of the company's business distribution and workforce configuration. They presented the achievements of the company in the first half of 2023, detailing the performance of ongoing and completed projects. President Xie acknowledged the accomplishments made by Hangzhou Yiding Transmission in the first half of the year and expressed high hopes for the company's future development.

Private enterprises are the capillaries of the economy, and their vitality drives better economic development. In the first half of this year, Hangzhou Yiding Transmission achieved outstanding results, which would not have been possible without the support from various levels of the Xiaoshan District government and local authorities.

"The continuous support of policies and our own efforts are essential," said the company's leadership confidently. In the second half of the year, Hangzhou Yiding Transmission will further expand its export-related business on a larger scale, continually advancing towards both domestic and international high-end markets, and endeavoring to present a stellar report card of achievements for private enterprises in society.

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