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Drive freely every second
YDHN speed reducer
YNMRV speed reducer

1. Housing: Die-cast Aluminium Alloy Gearbox (YNMRV025~YNMRV090) Cast Iron Gearbox (YNMRV110~YNMRV150)

2. Worm Wheel: Wearable Tin Bronze Alloy, Aluminum Bronze Alloy

3. Worm Shaft: 20Cr Steel, carburizing, quenching, grinding, surface hardness 56-62HRC, 0.3-0.5mm remaining carburized layer after precise grinding

4. Input Configurations: Equipped with Electric Motors (AC Motor, Brake Motor, DC Motor, Servo Motor) IEC-normalized Motor Flange Solid Shaft Input Worm Shaft Tail Extension Input

5. Output Configurations: Keyed Hollow Shaft Output Hollow Shaft with Output Flange Plug-in Solid Shaft Output

6. Spare Parts: Worm Shaft Tail Extension, Single Output Shaft, Double Output Shaft, Output Flange, Torque Arm, Dust Cover

7. Gearbox Painting: Aluminium Alloy Gearbox: After Shot Blasting, Anticorrosion Treatment and Phosphating, Paint with the Color of RAL 5010 Gentian Blue or RAL 7035 Light Grey

8.Cast Iron Gearbox: After Painting with Red Antirust Paint, Paint with the Color of RAL 5010 Gentian Blue

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